New Mint Paper project and 10cm news

10cm - 안아줘
A couple of weeks ago Violet Sweets offered some great news: Mintpaper Compilation vol. 4 is coming. Once again Mint Paper will offer a new themed compilation and following the previous Story of Cats/Dogs, Man and Woman… and Story, and last year’s Life time has come for cafe: night & day.

The list of participating artists includes No Reply, Lala Sweet, Soran, One More Chance, Zitten, 10cm, Have A Tea, Mate‘s Jung Joon Il, and a bunch of interesting collaborations including singers like Yozoh, Oh Ji Eun, and EZ Hyoung. The first digital single from the project is a song called 안아줘요 from 10cm, released on August 16.

Speaking of 10cm, the acoustic duo was in the news yesterday as their super popular song Americano – released as a digital single in August last year – has been deemed harmful to the young. Via Omona They Didn’t comes this article from KBS World: “Americano” By 10CM “Harmful For Youth”. allkpop covered the issue as well: Ministry of Gender Equality and Family bans 10cm’s “Americano”

Also, today came the music video for Leessang‘s TV를 껐네…, which features 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol:

For more on 10cm, have a look at this charming post over at Impossible Black Tulip: 십센치 10cm: Inspired by Me; Me: Inspired by my Students

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