Upcoming releases, July

It looks like July will be an exceptionally good month for music. Here’s some of what’s on the way:

July 4:
타카피 (Tacopy) - The Restoration비아 (Via) - First Ep노리플라이 - 바라만 봐도 좋은데
Two years after the release of fifth full length album Que Sera Sera is pop punk band Tacopy is about to make a return with EP The Restoration. Check out the teaser video here.

Indie rock band Via, or 非我, released debut EP VIA first EP online on July 1 and now the CD is on the way. The name of the EP main track is 장마, meaning “rainy season” it is a most suitable title for this time of the year.

No Reply will soon release a digital single called 바라만 봐도 좋은데 (it might be ok to see you), sporting a “perfect reproduction of wellmade 90s sound”. For the recording Daybreak‘s Kim Sun Il has played the bass whereas Serengeti‘s Jang Dong Jin and Jung Su Wan have played drums and guitar respectively.

July 5:
뎁 (Deb) 2집 - 백만불짜리여자
Three years after the release of first solo album Parallel Moons deb is back with new full length album 백만불짜리여자. Since a week ago deb’s SoundCloud offers a brief sample of 소녀여 기타를 잡아라.

Raspberry Field will release a new single. Details remain unclear but may be connected to the short film Index Finger (검지손가락), where Soy has been acting.

July 7:
더블유 (W) - Where The Story Ends / 웨일 (Whale) - CIRCUSSSS스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg) - Lucky
With the release of digital single 소녀 곡예사 earlier this week came an announcement about an upcoming mini album from W&Whale. The title is Circussss and it’s the group’s first CD release since 1.5 album Random Tasks came out two years ago.

As mentioned previously Standing Egg has prepared to release a new mini album. The title is Lucky, and although the trio has been busy releasing one digital single after the other this spring the titles are all new.

Another released mentioned before, but I’m so excited about it I can’t help but write it again: Yellow Monsters are about to release second full length album Riot!! More on this coming this Tuesday.

July 12:
험백스 (Humpbacks) - Humpbacks스피캣 (Speakat) - Sleep Tight
Indie rock quartet Humpbacks released a self-titled EP on July 1, but it’ll be another while before the CD is out. It holds three tracks, including 알콜시인 released as a digital single already June 1.

Acoustic all girl band Speakat is about to release first EP Sleep Tight. All songs from the EP can be sampled via YouTube: 미행; 박과장; 자니; 나방; 잠이온다.

July 14:
Ash (애쉬) 2집 - Dream
Sugar Donut guitarist Ash has been revealing one song after another from upcoming second full length album Dream through his YouTube channel: 순간을 그리네; Good bye; 햇살; 다시; Ocean; Ember. The song 다시 features Speakat vocalist Ryeowon whereas Good bye and two other songs will also be included in acoustic versions.

July 19:
노리플라이 - comma
The album of previously unpublished No Reply songs Violet Sweets mentioned a few months back seems to be on the way, as indicated by the release of digital single 바라만 봐도 좋은데 earlier this month. The title of the mini album is comma,.

July ??:
While posting a video for Neon Bunny‘s 나와둘이, Doggyrich announced that the second full length album from The Black Skirts will be released in July.

The first full length album from Linus’ Blanket is expected to be released some time in July. Containing both new and old songs, the sound is jazzier than what we’ve heard from them before. If you haven’t already done so, check out the music video for Show Me Love here.

It seems like maybe, maybe that Big Baby Driver album will be ready for release this month as well.

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  1. placidian

    Wow, Linus’ Blanket and deb! Excited to hear both of those. I love the new clip (Show Me Love) from Linus’ Blanket. And that acoustic band Speakat sounds quite nice. Thanks as always for the news =)


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