New from Kim Ji Soo on Kim Kwang Seok tribute and more

김지수 - Chocolate Drive김지수 - 김지수김지수 - Friday
Originally a competitor on Super Star K 2 (슈퍼스타K2), singer-songwriter Kim Ji Soo has since been tied to Pastel Music. He released his first digital single, Chocolate Drive, through the label on April 7 and included it on the self-titled EP, 김지수, that followed on May 17. The EP included a collaboration with Yozoh, 수수께끼, and was promoted with a music video for track 너무 그리워.

On July 28 Kim Ji Soo returned to EP track Friday and released it in a remix version. Check out the music video here. The week before he offered yet another new recording as he participated on a new re-make album.

명불허전 - 김광석 다시듣기
On July 21 a compilation album called 명불허전 – 김광석 다시듣기 – a tribute album to iconic folk singer Kim Kwang Seok – was released. 10cm‘s take on 잊어야 한다는 마음으로 is the main track, supported with a music video, but several popular indie artists more have contributed. There’s J Rabbit (바람이 불어오는 곳), the aforementioned Kim Ji Soo (흐린 가을 하늘에 편지를 써), new soul pop act Mahogany King (먼지가 되어), rock man Kim Bada (사랑했지만), reggae band Soul Steady Rockers (거리에서), Bye Bye Sea (변해가네), super awesome rock band Yellow Monsters (서른 즈음에), Ibadi (사랑이라는 이유로), Taru (새장 속의 친구), and new male trio 빗물 사운드 [lit. “Rainwater Sound”](외사랑).

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