Ukulele Picnic returns

우쿨렐레 피크닉 2집 - 알로하, 기분좋은 인사
Following last year’s summery debut album, trio Ukulele Picnic is about to return with second full length album 알로하, 기분좋은 인사 on June 17. That means more sounds perfect for summer with Gyepy‘s lovely voice accompanied by ukuleles to be expected already next week!
Update June 12: The new vocalist for Ukulele Picnic is Kim Jin A of IS fame. Also, Hyang Music offers a sample of the title track.

3 Comments Ukulele Picnic returns

  1. placidian

    I listened to IS on the MySpace page, as well as a few YT things– really nice, so interesting to hear the ancient instruments doing a new-age thing. Plus they harmonize like angels.
    Gyepy is still in Autumn Vacation?

  2. helikoppter

    Yup, she is. I guess that’s taking too much time for her now. And yeah, the IS girls all have such lovely voices! I’m sure Ukulele Picnic will still sound great.


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