New music from Siwa, with and without Rainbow99

시와 - 오월愛(애) OST시와무지개 (SiwaRainbow) 2집 - 우리 모두는 혼자
Female singer/songwriter Siwa too appears to have had a busy spring.

Documentary No Name Stars (오월愛) is built around interviews from people that participated in the Gwangju Democratization Movement. It was released on May 12 and the same day came the soundtrack with music made by Siwa. See trailer here.

Among the persons Siwa worked with for the soundtrack is electronica guy Rainbow99, with whom she has the joint project SiwaRainbow. On July 16 the duo’s second album, 우리 모두는 혼자, will get a release. Check out the album teaser here or give 고개를 들어봐 a listen here. Hyang Music has brief samples for all tracks on the album.

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