Summery music from Ukulele Picnic

우쿨렐레 피크닉 (Ukulele Picnic) - Ukulele Picnic
Although I’ve barely spent any time online over the past few weeks, I still noticed the buzz for Ukulele Picnic. Today I finally took the time to find out more, and realized that it’s a trio gathering former Broccoli, you too?/current Autumn Vacation member Gyepy, TJ of Hachi & TJ, soundtrack composer Lee Byung Hun, and a bunch of ukuleles.

A first self-titled album was released on June 17 and while it appears to contain a few original songs, most of the material is made up of summery covers. The main track, 작은고양이, is an updated version of the song with the same name from Lee Byung Hun’s former band Voy whereas 우리두리 was originally a Hachi & TJ song.

Also found on the album are new takes on familiar songs Sleigh Ride (featuring YouTube celebrity David Choi), Sugar, Sugar (supported with vocals and instruments from IS), A Lover’s Concerto, Fly Me To The Moon, New York, New York (with Taoka Miki from the Indigo), and Mexican guitar tune Maria Elena.

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  1. placidian

    I like it a lot, it’s a gentle, fun collection of tunes. Any band that covers the Archies and Sinatra on the same cd is worth a listen, lol.


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