Bugs Indie Music Chart week 23

Bugs indi music chart

Bugs Indie TOP10 – June 11, 2011
1. Chang Kiha & The Faces – 그렇고 그런 사이 [MV]
2. Chang Kiha & The Faces – TV를 봤네 [MV]
3. 10cm – 아메리카노 [recandplay.net]
4. Chang Kiha & The Faces – 뭘 그렇게 놀래
5. TheThe – 못믿을 사람 [MV]
6. Monni – 언제까지 내 맘속에서 [@ Greenplugged 2011]
7. 10cm – 죽겠네 (Album ver.) [Sketchbook]
8. 10cm – 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 [Music Travel Lalala]
9. Guckkasten – 사랑일 뿐이야
10. 10cm – 그게 아니고 [M root]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
14. Feelbay – 연애 한번해요
26. Dalmoon – while 수고했어, 오늘도 [On Stage]
54. Jung Ah Lee – 6월 (Demo ver.)
57. Feelbay – 낮잠
67. GogoboysI Like You (Re-Arranged) [teaser]
70. Feelbay – 비밀의 방
80. Have A Tea – 농담 [@ Club Auteur]

See the full top 100 list here.

필베이 - The BreezeAfter returning to the scene last year slow rock band Feelbay has turned into a duo leaving only bassist U-vi (who for a brief had soft electronica project Tiramisu going together with Lady Jane) and vocalist Joje. The two released their second single on June 7 and it is called The Breeze.

이정아 - 이정아A participant in CJ azit‘s “Tune Up” amateur musician support program, Jung Ah Lee was chosen because of her pure voice, singing skills, and piano and guitar playing ability. Her first self-titled digital single, featuring indie pop style ballad 6월, was released on June 1.

고고보이스 - I Like You Rock band Gogoboys has re-arranged their 2007 debut EP track I Like You and released it as a digital single on June 10.

해브어티 - Smile, Have A Tea Acoustic four member band Have A Tea, among other things equipped with a standing bass, released first mini album Smile, Have A Tea June 2. They were recently picked as the possible next big indie act by Ruby Salon‘s Lee Kyu Young (more on that later!) so it may well be a name to remember.

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