New EPs from Coffee Boy and Navizam

나비잠 - 노래는 우리 편커피소년 - 첫번째 음악 로스팅
A couple of additions to the list of upcoming releases, scheduled for June 23:

“Healing and romantic bossa nova band” Navizam will release its first EP, Song is for us!, next week. It includes 어른을 위한 자장가 from last year’s Real Acoustic compilation and also comes gifted with two main tracks, 노래는우리편 and 힘을 선물하는 방법. Check out the EP teaser vid here.

커피소년 - 사랑이 찾아오면 커피소년 - 그대를 내 안에 커피소년 - 아메리카노에게 커피소년 - 장가갈 수 있을까커피소년 - 여드름 커피소년 -
Singer/songwriter Coffee Boy is about to offer his 1st Music Roasting on CD. Since August last year he’s been offering one song after the other as digital singles, and now they’re all gathered under one name. The covers alone might give you a clue, and judging from the name of the distributor, 씨씨엠허브, it appears the pop ballads offered by Coffee Boy is some kind of CCM. The singles in question are: 사랑이 찾아오면 (2010.08); 그대를 내 안에 (2010.09); 아메리카노에게 (2010.11); 장가갈 수 있을까 (2010.12); 여드름 (2011.03); 상처는 별이 되죠 (2011.05).

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