Past releases: April

After looking into so many upcoming releases, before it’s too late I figured it was time to also round up some of the older releases I didn’t get around to posting on when they were still new, before it’s all so old nobody could be bothered to care anymore.

공박사의 오르골 - 객 (客)피규어 에잇 (The Figure 8) - A Thousand Smile에스피더샵 (Spthe#) - 안녕
공박사의 오르골 (or Dr. Kong’s Orgel/Gongbaksa’s Orgel – I have yet to find an official way of writing the name English) released first EP 객 (客) on April 13. It was recorded on an iPhone and features atmospheric electronic music that sound very promising to me. Check out the videos for 주머니에 넣은 손 and 빛 바랜 반지.

Live electronic band The Figure8 debuted with EP A Thousand Smile on April 28. The three member band is making alternative rock among other instruments utilizing a synth. Check out the teaser vid for Drive here. The band’s vocalist and producer, Unohee, is the creator of creative group kitsch(beyond)cliche.

SPthe#, short for Special project of the #, released a four track single called 안녕 on April 26. The indie rock band’s song with the same name was also featured on 2011 Gwangju Indie Music Compilation. Here’s a live performance of the song in question. And while not included on the single, for something more here’s a cover of Itaewon Freedom.

심플케이 (Simple Ke-I) - Simple Ke-I크로우 (Crow) 2.5집 - Friday
LaKinRad, according to Luminosity another moniker for Ilac, released an EP called Rest on April 20. Included on the release is a song called 사랑, 그 어려운 일 featuring J Hyesun of J Rabbit. Here he is singing EP main track Coffee Lover on MBC radio.

Medium tempo pop band Simple Ke-I debuted with a self-titled mini album on April 5. The three member band is led by sound engineer Kei-i, that after a long time working in the industry has now created his own project sound.

With the first release since the In Place single four years ago, alternative/nu metal band Crow returned with 2.5 album Friday on April 25. The 4 track release includes a song called We Gotta Bomb featuring Jang Hak of Diablo.

소울 트레인 (Soul Train) 1집 - Band Soul Train프라이머리 (Primary) - Primary And The Messengers Part. 1다이노에그 앤 블라스팅 (Dinoegg & Blasting) 1집 - Love Songs For Dummies
Luova Factory‘s big band Soul Train plays 70s style soul pop. On April 13 they released first full length album Band Soul Train including both songs from the 꿈속의 연인/미련 single that the band debuted with in early December last year.

Rapper Primary (of Primary Skool and Primary Score) presented Primary And The Messengers Part. 1 on April 26. Included on the three track release is a song called Happy Ending where the vocalist of electro/house act Mad Soul Child has been featured.

On April 20 hip hop duo Dinoegg & Blasting released first full length album Love Songs For Dummies. Joa Band bassist Baek Ga Young is featured on a track called 변했어.

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