Upcoming releases: Eloise & NPU

So far it seems this week offers two particularly interesting releases.

엘루이즈 (Eloise) - Video 1
First up is Pastel Music‘s post punk band Eloise that, as previously mentioned, will release an EP on April 7. The title is Video 1 and yesterday a music video promoting main track 진심을 너에게 was released. The EP holds 7 tracks but it seems debut song 49 did not make the cut.

전국 비둘기 연합 (National Pigeon Unity) 2집 - Root
Following some internal issues National Pigeon Unity has gone from a trio to a duo and will make a return with second full length album Root on April 9. The samples from Hyang Music for Kathera and Root make it clear that the sound quality this time around is much better than before in spite of the band having gone back to self-releasing their material. With NPU being responsible for one of my very favorite releases last year, my expectations are very high for this one.

A month and a half ago the duo performed a set of the new songs at Club Spot, caught on video by fishinNeverland:
110218.Spot.전비연_Bullshit, Kathera

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  1. chocoeur

    Of the set, I liked Loot and Bullshit the best. The video for Loot was funny a little past the middle, when the vocalist starts screaming and a fangirl has a big O in the audience along with him. lol
    Great audience participation X]


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