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Some random news picked up during the week:

It looks like Delispice is about to make a comeback with a new drummer: Delispice will resume activities with a new company after three years. Although as usual when it comes to allkpop one shouldn’t take too much note of the details as “project band” Yellow Monsters has been the main focus for former Delispice drummer Choi Jae Hyuk for around a year already.

Violet Sweets offers some Happy Robot related news concerning new releases from No Reply and The Koxx as well as the label signing indie rock band Soran and indie pop duo Lala Sweet: The KOXX, No Reply and 2 new artists at Happy Robot’s

Via Postino‘s Twitter I found out not only that his music has been used for Chinese documentary Living Without Men, but also that the movie won the “People’s Choice” category at the The 13th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul trailer.

Somewhat older award related news also found via Twitter concerns jazz songstress Youn Sun Nah that was dubbed “Best International Female Singer” for Same Girl in Echo Jazz 2011: Nah Youn-sun Named Best Singer in German Jazz Awards

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  1. chocoeur

    I didn’t know 최재혁씨 was part of Omega 3 (I hadn’t heard about them ’till now)~~ I guess he’s always been cool. :D
    I should certainly hope Yellow Monsters is not just a project band. ><;

  2. helikoppter

    Omega 3 remains one of my very favorite bands. It was only one or a couple of years since they were still playing together on the rare occasion (a friend said two of them were alumni from his university so they’d play there every year) and they were talking about new material for a new album when I interviewed them back in 2007. But before playing Omega 3 on Indie Afternoon the other week I asked Choi Jae Hyuk about it he said his focus was all on Yellow Monsters now. Didn’t sound like there was much hope for the future either.


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