First full length album from Dringe Augh

드린지 오 (Dringe Augh) 1집 - Between The Tygh
After a long wait the first full length album, between the tygh, from singer/songwriter Dringe Augh is finally ready. Scheduled for a release in May the date has now been set to May 11. Two of the songs, tygh and flair, have been uploaded to the Electric Muse SoundCloud and as could be expected both showcase Dringe Augh’s British folk influences and vivid guitar play with the latter getting some extra boost by a piano.

Personally I love those two songs already – flair in particular as I have listened to its rougher demo version many times – and am very excited to hear the rest. It is much thanks to Dringe Augh, who became a friend of mine following the Indieful ROK interview a couple of years ago, that my first ever visit to Korea was so enjoyable including fond memories of listening to him improvising on the guitar, playing demos from some music recording device with at least half a century behind it, and picking up the ukulele to play along to some songs on the Bunny Girls LP I’d just brought back from the underground market in Myeongdong – all making me admire his musicianship more. Sample all the tracks from debut EP Individually Wrapped on MySpace if you want to hear more from him.

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