A couple of releases from Wednesday: Fream & Papain

프림 (Fream) - Reminiscense폐폐인 (Papain) - 월광지애
The four members Fream appear to have released their first full length album already back on January 21, but it was not until April 6 that the self-released CD became available via Hyang Music. WEF-Entertainment promotes the band advertising a fuzzy guitar sound à la John Mayer and 90s pop melody. Check out the album teaser movie here or listen to album track Two Moon to get an idea of what the band sounds like.

Also on April 6 was the CD release of 월광지애, a new single from Papain – the name still used by Ryu Ki who was the vocalist of the soft rock band with the same name a few years ago. It was released as a one track digital single already on January 20, but with the CD release the single has gotten an extra instrumental track. Check out the single teaser video here.

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