Self-titled releases from last day of March: Incense & Laluna

인센스 (Incense) - Burn Incense라 루나 (La Luna) - 달을 삼킨
The Yogiga affiliated experimental/new age-ish shoegaze influenced act Incense self-released a new album, Burn Incense, on March 31. None of the songs has a title, but nonetheless Hyang Music offers a few samples. This is the second release from Incense that debuted nearly two years ago. At the time I speculated that perhaps Incense was related to Lempicka, and with Lempicka having released a single called Burn Incense in 2006 my suspicions remain.

Rock band Laluna has been around for a few years – even participating in Hello Rookie already back in 2007 – but it was not till March 31 this year that the four member band self-released its first single, 달을 삼킨. The band, that describes its music as a fusion of 80s pop punk and heavy metal with 90s modern rock, posted the single trailer on YouTube almost a year ago. Hyang Music has samples for all three tracks on the single, and here’s an old Hello Rookie performance from EBS Space of single track Rouge.

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