Weekly Review Roundup, week 11

As I didn’t find enough time to prepare the weekly review round up post yesterday it also includes a couple of reviews that were posted today. Hope you don’t mind.

Starting with the most recent release, mellowyell has already become very fond of the MiMi Sisters and offers not just something of a review but also a bit of background information: The Mimi Sisters Rock Out on Their Debut EP. Don’t miss the music video for 다이너마이트 소녀 if you didn’t see it already.

제이레빗 (J Rabbit) 1집 - It's Spring
Kamala-Chan has written a review for YAM Magazine where she thanks the J Rabbit girls for the music: J Rabbit – It’s Spring

레이디 제인 (Lady Jane) - 친한 사이버벌 진트 - 어베일러블
Chris Park has listened to the most single from former Aquibird vocalist Lady Jane and finds it closer to her indie roots than the predecessor: 레이디 제인 (Lady Jane) – 친한 사이 Review

Should’ve mentioned it sooner, but since I didn’t get around to it might as well do it now while on the subject of Lady Jane. As mentioned in the comments last month, rapper Verbal Jint featured Lady Jane on the one track from his latest digital single, 어베일러블, that was released on February 28. There doesn’t appear to be any music video to go with the song, but you can check out teaser 1 here and teaser 2 here.

델리스파이스(Delispice) 2집 - Welcome To The Delihouse델리스파이스(Delispice) 3집 - 슬프지만 진실...
Last week refresh_daemon was looking for an artist to review the first five albums from and as it happens he settled on Delispice. Reviews of the second and third album have now been posted:
Replay: Deli Spice – Welcome to the DeliHouse
Replay: Deli Spice – 슬프지만 진실…

페퍼톤스 - New Standard윤도현 밴드 - An Urbanite
refresh_daemon also posted another couple of reviews for more recent purchases of his:
Inbox: Peppertones – NEW STANDARD
Inbox: 윤도현 밴드 – An Urbanite

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