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Time to catch up on the review posting and offer some extensive weekend reading at the same time. First up some reviews of recent enough releases yet to be covered on the blog. Plenty reviews more after the jump.

강건너 비행소녀 - 강건너 비행소녀데미캣 (Demicat) 1.5집 - Tomorrow Sucks
Long at last, Electric Muse’s 70/80s group sound band Bihang Girl released its self-titled debut EP, 강건너 비행소녀, on December 7. Chris Park thought they ought to experiment a bit more: 강건너 비행소녀 (Flying Across the River) – Self-titled Review

Nu-Jazz DJ Demicat released his 1.5, Tomorrow Sucks, on August 24. Plenty of album tracks are available for sampling on MySpace, and the Rhodes to Roads mix of the title track has gotten an MV. Chris Park reviewed it here: Demicat – Tomorrow Sucks Review

레이디 제인 (Lady Jane) - Lady JaneLee Sang Eun (이상은) 14집 - We are made of Stardust
Moving even farther away from her days as vocalist in Aquibird, Lady Jane released a self-titled two track pop single on November 2. Allkpop posted a piece on her transition from indie soon thereafter: Lady Jane on almost becoming an idol, being known only as ‘Simon D’s girlfriend’. Chris Park called the transition curious in his review:레이디 제인 (Lady Jane) – 이별 뭐 별거야 Review

Also on the border of pop, always interesting Lee Sang Eun returned with her 14th full length album in March 2010. I failed to mention it then and have yet to hear it myself in spite of enjoying her previous releases much (though why she gave up the intriguing alias Lee-tzsche I still wonder), but Chris Park called it perfect and it may very well be: 이상은 (Lee Sang Eun) – We Are Made of Stardust Review

Let’s continue with some more reviews from wakesidevision:
푸른새벽 (Bluedawn) - Submarine Sickness + Waveless안녕 바다 1집 - City Complex캐스커 5집 - TenderCounter Reset – Rabbit Mask
Bluedawn – Submarine Sickness + Waveless Review
안녕바다 (Bye Bye Sea) – City Complex Review
케스커 (Casker) – Tender Review
Counter Reset – Rabbit Mask Review
Glittering Blackness, Fall홀린 (Hlin) – 33060허클베리 핀 (Huckleberry Finn) - Huckleberry Finn Live
Glittering Blackness, Fall – Untitled Review
국카스텐 (Guckkasten) – Tagträume Review
홀린 (Hlin) – 33060 Review
Huckleberry Finn – 6 Years of Live History Review
아일랜드 시티 (Island City) 1집 - Island CityLoveholic – Re-WindMad Fret - Smash The Lie네눈박이 나무밑 쑤시기 (Nenoon) - 네눈박이 나무밑 쑤시기
Island City – 아일랜드시티 Review
Loveholic – Re-Wind Review
Mad Fret – Smash the Lie Review
네눈박이 나무밑 쑤시기 – Nenoon Review
Sugar Donut – SugardonutSSweater – Staccato GreenSwimmingdoll - 8wimmingdoll스위밍피쉬 (Swimmin' Fish) – 플라이 (Fly)
Sugar Donut – SugardonutS Review
Sweater – Staccato Green Review
Swimmingdoll – 8wimmingdoll Review
스위밍피쉬 (Swimming Fish) – 플라이 (Fly) Review
텔레파시 (Telepathy) 2집 - Big Wave
텔레파시 (Telepathy) – Human Revolution Review
텔레파시 (Telepathy) – Big Wave Review

And next, here are reviews aplenty from Init_Music:
3호선 버터플라이 - 전 정규앨범 리마스터링 박스세트
Inbox: 3rd Line Butterfly – I – III
Progress Report: 3호선 Butterfly – Self-Titled Obsession
Progress Report: 3rd Line Butterfly – Time Table
브로콜리 너마저 - 브로콜리O마저 (3rd Demo)별 (Byul) - 태평양 (Pacific) [예약판매]코스모스 (Cosmos) 3집 - Hanei SkyHumming Urban Stereo - very very nice! and short cake
Inbox: 브로콜리 너마저 – 브로콜리 너마저
Inbox: 모임 별 – 태평양
Inbox: Cosmos – Hanei Sky
Replay: Humming Urban Stereo – very very nice! and short cake
아이앤아이 장단 (I And I Djangdan) 1집 - 인도 (GUIDANCE)Julia Hart - Miss Chocolate나비 - 나비나하비 밴드 - 나하비 밴드
Inbox: I And I Djangdan – Guidance
Inbox: Julia Hart – Miss Chocolate
Inbox: 나비 – First EP
Inbox: 나하비 밴드 – 나하비 밴드
Naru-自家撞着Nell - Let's Take a Walk오소영 2집 - a TempoPeppertones - Colorful Express
Inbox: Naru – 自家撞着
Inbox: Nell – Let’s Take a Walk
Inbox: 오소영 – a tempo
Inbox: Peppertones – Colorful Express
시와무지개 - We are all together더 큅 (The Quip) - Almost The Same튠 (Tune) - Tune Your Mind (MINI ALBUM)비둘기 우유 - Aero
Inbox: SIWARAINBOW – we are all together
Inbox: The Quip – .emas eht tsomla
Inbox: TUNE – TUNE Your Mind
Inbox: Vidulgi OoyoO – “aero”

Replay: Winterplay – Happy Snow Bubble

윈터플레이 (Winterplay) - Touche Mon Amour스탠딩 에그 - with
Thanks to Luminosity I came across Earcandy Express where another Winterplay review could be found: Winterplay Touche Mon Amour

Standing Egg released first full length album With on November 25. Including several songs from previous releases, it also featured 3rd Coast‘s Han So Hyun. Earcandy Express reviewed this album too: Standing Egg With

프렌지 (Frenzy) - Nein Songs
The Silent Ballet has once again turned its ears towards Korea and seem to have found Frenzy‘s full length debut enjoyable enough: Frenzy – Nein Songs

Casker - Polyester Heart캐스커 5집 - Tender
Resuming her writing activities on, Jenny wrote a bit about the two latest albums from Casker: Journal Revival

Also very recently revived is Live Journal community Soulvirtue. Right before the hiatus Henna wrote some really nice things about a Jelly Boy song from his second album: Jelly Boy – Smiling Face.

And coming back yesterday she shared her fondness for songs from Postino and Deepgray: Postino – Eastern Cloud (Mo Cloudy Mix Radio Cut) + Deepgray – Bohemian

3 Comments Review Roundup

  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely loved FLying across the river’s debut ep, yes it might not be experimental but its a solid EP. Hug Me has been on replay for weeks.

  2. helikoppter

    @anonymous Still waiting to hear it for myself, but I’ve been really curious about them since I first learned they’d been signed by Electric Muse.

    @arie jai Any time! I subscribed to your RSS feed already so I should be able to find out anyway, but if you ever post something you think would be appropriate to link from here don’t hesitate to send an email or something to let me know ^^


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