Another kpop single from Lady Jane

레이디 제인 (Lady Jane) - 친한 사이
With the release of her second single, Lady Jane again moves even farther away musically from her time singing acid jazz/reggae songs in Aquibird. The name of the single is 친한 사이. It was released online on February 21 and on CD a day later, February 22.

According to the album info her sound should now be classified as emotional modern rock. The title track has a music video, but the single also includes the songs Go Away and Life Is as well as instrumental versions of all tunes.

3 Comments Another kpop single from Lady Jane

  1. Janet

    Verbal Jint released a single and Lady Jane is feat. on the song I believe.
    It’s called ‘어베일러블(Available)’.
    Cool of her to try new stuff. :]


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