7th Korean Music Awards nominee lists

Korean Music Awards
A new year has begun and so the time has come for another Korean Music Awards. I came across the full nominees lists at omonatheydidnt, but decided to only post the nominees in the main categories myself, like last year:

Album of the Year
The Black Skirts201
Broccoli, you too? – 보편적인 노래
Seoul Electric BandLife is Strange
Lee Sora – (7th Album)

Song of the Year
3rd Line ButterflyA Heavy Night Fog
The Black Skirts – 좋아해줘
Brown Eyed GirlsAbracadabra
Broccoli, you too? – 보편적인 노래
Girls’ GenerationGee
Lee Sora – (Track 8)

Musician of the Year
Drunken Tiger
Seoul Electric Band
Yoon Sang
Lee Sora
Jang Kiha & The Faces

Newcommer of the Year
The Black Skirts
Park Joo Won
Apollo 18

Seoulbeats too has a post on the KMA with some interesting opinions in the comments: Korean Music Awards: Snubbing Idols or Saving Music?

5 Comments 7th Korean Music Awards nominee lists

  1. wassereis

    I think it’s kind of funny that last year’s winner of Hello Rookie and this year’s winner of Hello Rookie are both in the list for best Rookies o_o

    could have more of my bias, but list is good~

    oh, may I ask, why are some names bolded and others not?

  2. helikoppter

    I enjoyed seeing The Black Skirts nominated as rookies, seeing as I had expected them to be nominated last year already (before figuring out when a year starts and ends for awards conciderations, that is).

    A fair question! I like to keep artist names in bold the first time I mention them to make them easier to spot for someone just glancing over the new posts in search of something interesting. Although it does make things look strange on lists like these…

  3. wassereis

    oh, I was talking about Guckkasten? they’ve won the 2008 EBS Hello Rookie of the Year award, I think

    btw, Black Skirt leader’s name is ‘Hyu Il'(holiday, rest day) because he was born on sunday, I just read o_o interesting, huh? *random*

    aaah~ that makes sense of course and seems to be a good tactic :)
    knowing that, it doesn’t look strange at all.


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