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Pleasant People Mixtape Volume 1
In addition to being an incredibly charming movie on its own, Pleasant People is bestowed with a great soundtrack making viewing it even more pleasant. In Indieful ROK’s interview with director Dave Bonawits he said that he might ask some of the bands contributing songs for the movie to be on a Pleasant People mixtape. Today it was posted on 8tracks: Pleasant People Mixtape Volume 1.

The mixtape of course includes the song which Jiyoung Lee – leading character/main actress – is working on throughout the film and also a song from her real life band I Love JH. The mixtape also introduces Robes – responsible for my very favorite song in there – and it offers the utterly amusing Why Is Scott Such A Bitch?.

Full tracklist:
1. Jiyoung LeeSo Lost
2. So CowJenny (I Love JH cover)
3. RobesIf They Ask
4. New MotelsMiss Juanita
5. These Elk ForeverReal Connection
6. Mistress Mayhem – Blood For Money
7. Dave MarderWhy Is Scott Such A Bitch?
8. I Love JHOh My Darling

1 Comment Pleasant People soundtrack

  1. amaoto

    I miss I Love JH.

    I Love JH – Black Christmas Day, Bye Bye Bye, Today, Passing By

    I Love JH – Don’t Ask Me the Truth, Passing By



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