Turn It Up To 11 on DramaFever

반드시 크게 들을 것 Turn It Up to Eleven (2009)
In North America it is still March 10 and Galaxy Express, Idiotape, and Vidulgi OoyoO will really kick off the tour by hitting the stage in Toronto just a few hours from now. Anyone wishing to see what they have been up to on the tour till now may have a look at the first webisode chronicling the tour: What the Puck?! Taking Off to Toronto CMW Canadian Music Week

As the night turns into March 11 the people in North America are up for another treat as “rockumentary” Turn It Up To 11 (반드시 크게 들을 것) starts showing on DramaFever. Later on it will also be available through hulu.com.

As mentioned before the documentary follows Galaxy Express and Tobacco Juice, but it’s also possible to catch a glimpse of Apollo 18 while watching. Visit Hancinema for plenty of clips.

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