Additional spotlights on Apollo 18

Apollo 18 U.S.A. Tour Send Off
It’s March 12 and Apollo 18 are getting ready to perform an acoustic set as a US tour send off special. Korea Gig Guide has the details and some bonus info: Apollo 18 Preparing For Lift Off. (Personally I’m very excited to learn that National Pigeon Unity has a new album coming out). Hopefully at least some of the evening will show up on YouTube before long for those of us that can’t attend.

A couple of weeks ago the band members were very excited to learn that they were featured on the SXSW main poster. The music part of the festival will kick off on Tuesday and the guys are scheduled to head there via Tokyo on Monday.

A18 are also getting some attention from another major source as they were one out of 10 bands picked for The Guardian’s SXSW2011 readers’ selection.

And on March 20 the Apollo 18 US tour will hit San Antonio, something picked up by the San Antonio Metal Examiner: Apollo 18’s first American trek set for lift-off in Lone Star State

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