Mini-Interview with Idiotape

So a little while ago I realized that while I’ve been eagerly posting updates on Apollo 18 and their impending US tour I had spent much less effort covering the whereabouts of the bands participating in the Seoulsonic North American. I also realized that I haven’t kept up with Idiotape at all since first discovering them in 2009. In an attempt to remedy that I sent off a set of questions to Dguru that returned with answers just before the band departed on their journey:

What is Idiotape?
Electro Shoegazing Band or idiot ape

How have you prepared for the Seoulsonic North America tour?
Nothing Special. We always try people go crazy wherever we are.

What are you looking forward to the most with this tour?
We really want to know how do they understand or enjoy our sound and performance. and so many other bands! It will be amazing.

In your KoreAm interview you said that you wanted to tour the world. What will be your next step after Seoulsonic?
Our album (LP) will released in this summer. And then we’ll have East Asia tour or Festival in France.

All the dates on the tour are have been posted here and can of course also be found on the Seoulsonic Facebook event list.

Less than an hour ago MTV Iggy too posted a short feature on Idiotape, saying Idiotape would be the result if “Cut Copy (not from Zonoscope but from Lights & Colours), Daft Punk, and Chrome had a South Korean baby”: Party at SXSW with South Korea’s Idiotape

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