Seoulsonic special North American tour album

March 10 marks the first official date on this year’s Seoulsonic North America tour, as Galaxy Express, Idiotape, and Vidulgi OoyoO take on the stage at CMW.

On the same day there is also the premiere for a “deluxe edition 2K11 SEOULSONIC compilation album” on iTunes simply going under the title 2K11 Seoulsonic North America Tour. It features four previously released songs from each of the three bands – click the music player above for samples. If you go for the full bundle the songs come accompanied by a digital booklet.

It seems there are also limited edition CDs available. If you’re living in the US you have a chance to win a copy through KoreAm: Monday Giveaway: SeoulSonic CD

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  1. Kaz

    They gave this album away for free at the Toronto show; I was disappointed because I wanted to spend a lot of money on these bands lol.


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