Korean indie Christmas 2010

As much as I’d like to deny it, with the fourth Sunday of advent just about over it is inevitably so that christmas will arrive very soon. I haven’t been able to keep up with recent releases lately, but did hear about a few christmas related kindie releases this year anyway.

Merry Lonely Christmas And Happy New Year파니핑크(Fanny Fink) - 가장 아픈 사랑
Pastel Music was first out on December 9 with Merry Lonely Christmas And Happy New Year. Gathering both old and new Pastel affiliated artists, the two CDs hold 16 tracks. The contributions from Zitten, Casker vocalist Yoong Jin, and new female artist Shim Kyu Sun have all gotten music videos to go with their recordings. Before the weekend an unofficial video with clips from Home Alone to go with always interesting rock band Bulssazo‘s take on the main theme from the movie in question surfaced:
1.03) Shim Kyu Sun – Redribbon Foxes
1.04) Yoong Jin – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
2.06) Bulssazo – Somewhere In My Memory
2.08) Zitten & Friends – Happy X-mas (War is over)

A Pastel artist not on the christmas compilation was Fanny Fink, but the duo did release a digital “winter single” called 가장 아픈 사랑 on December 8. The music video has a bit of snow in it.

2010 러브락 Christmas Compilation Album
Come December 15, LoveRock Company put out an album called 2010 Love Rock Christmas Album. An offering from the Love Rock Family (e.g. Galaxy Express and Telepathy) the album holds fresh tracks in genres such as showing-off-tronica, erotic folk, and bum side hiphop. Sample title track Punk Punk Punk at the Galaxy Express Wild Days blog.

As you may recall, DJ Soulscape‘s alias Espionne has been making a soundtrack for cosmetics chain belif. With christmas coming up, a new song called Toys & Bells has been added to the OST and until December 26 it’s available in a special download event.

I had wanted to prepare a different kind of christmas themed post lining up some of my favorite christmas themed kindie songs from previous years, but couldn’t find the time. What I did do, however, was to put together a very short Spotify playlist, Indieful Christmas, with the songs I could find there. Although both good songs, sadly all I could put on it this time around was Bobbyville‘s 알콜로 얼룩진 성탄절 and Windy City‘s Christmas Time so should you be a Spotify user that happens to stumble upon something more you’re very welcome to let me know.

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