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Over the past year I’ve heard a bit about Swimmingdoll but never gotten around to giving the band a listen. Then last week I got an email with a MySpace link from Vanillacoke saying the first Swimmingdoll album should be out soon (I love those kinds of emails by the way, although I receive them far too seldom). Once I had sorted out some technical issues on my side, I could finally press play and was met by an intriguing sound that prompted me to I write down a few questions which she kindly answered:

Could you please start by introducing Swimmingdoll?
Swimmingdoll are shoegazing and experimental sound makers.
– Band line up in early 2008 was Zeroway (guitar), Vanillacoke (bass/drum), Motherdoll (synth, piano, vocal)
– Started having shows at Badabie in Hongdae area in them middle of 2008, then continued in several areas.
– The guitar player changed in September of 2009 to Hyoje, then changed again in September of 2010 to Mingue.
– Own Organization series show titles as follows,
1) Logos – shoegazing, experimental and post-rock etc. (Logos vol.1 – 10/31 , Logos vol.2 – 12/19)
2) Plug & Plug – improvisation playing, experimental sound making and noise sound etc.

Your music seems full of intriguing and haunting qualities. How would you like to describe your sound?
When creating our songs, imagination of any images, the universe and watched movies is the basis. Then sharing it is the representation of the song.

The first track, Silence paradoxically, “sound” was trying faithfully to the original meaning of the song.

Decret, Freak imaginary story and image of faded film are tried to made of song. (Decret = Delete + Secret)

Maha suddenly one day, a longing for “enlightenment” and “to transcend” made instantaneously,

All of things to be Swimmingdoll’s motifs.

What can you tell us about your first album?
Originally, we were preparing an EP with 2-3 songs in 2009, but as time passed we decided to release our 1st album. That is 8wimmingdoll. Now we’re also playing extra songs, so maybe we will release a single album soon during next year.

The meaning of 8 is not the normal meaning of the figure. It means circulation, the meaning of eternity. Cross outside to inside and top to bottom, our meaning is an endless and boundless world. We are trying to say that for this infinite world “band swimmingdoll” was the motto of the music. In other words, an infinite world of the spacewalk = 8wimmingdoll. (If you see our CD image, you can understand easily)

What can you tell us about Logos?
The Logos show series is meant to “return to experimental art”.

We wanted to have a universal range of titles. The music we have personal things on the inside is mostly derived. We are doing shy and unkindness music, but the show exact opposite. Constantly communicating with people over the windows open to breathe with them.

8wimmingdoll CD print And here’s the CD image in question. Currently all 6 tracks from the album are streaming at MySpace, so do go there to have a listen and make sure not to miss 8. The CD should’ve been out already in November, but due to various problems the release has been delayed and it wasn’t till today that the first copies could be delivered to Hyang Music.

The second instance of the Logos show series will take place tomorrow, December 19, and Shawn Despres offers some more info on it over at Korea Gig Guide: Building Band & Brand Recognition. The same Shawn had an interview with the band last month for an article on Swimmingdoll in Groove Korea, where you can find out more about not just Logos, but also the lineup changes and the album recording process.

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    I heard that they are working on setting up digital distribution right now.

    Trying contacting the band through their MySpace for more information.


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