Deb sings with Verbal Jint

버벌 진트 - _go easy 0.5
Tonight Popseoul headline “Indie Band covers 2NE1 “It Hurts”” caught my attention. Turns out rapper Verbal Jint put on an atypical show at Pastel Music café Kubric last weekend, covering 2NE1‘s 아파. From what I can tell, 2NE1 is one of the most popular idol groups among Korean indie musicians, some which have covered other songs in the part. I Don’t Care in particular is regularly sung by O So Young and has also been heard performed by Julia Hart.

Anyhow, hearing Verbal Jint in that unsual setting led me to find that he released a new EP, _easy go 0.5, on December 6. Teaser available here, music video for main track 약속해 약속해 here. Among other things, the EP contains a Christmas themed tune called 크리스마스를부탁해 that much like the 아파 cover was much less hiphop than I had expected. It also has a song called 기름 같은걸 끼얹나 featuring deb.

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