10cm talk music and coffee

allkpop are often criticized for poorly researched posts, and from what I’ve seen rightfully so – especially when it comes to the kind of music we cover here at Indieful ROK. As such I was very surprised to find a lengthy well written piece on 10cm from that very site in my feed reader this morning: Unhyped Talent: coffee, cigarettes, and 10cm. I did miss something on the recandplay.net session that brought the acoustic duo some hype in the beginning of the year, but then of course that hype could be something I just imagined from my side of the world.

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  1. Anonymous

    I felt like after the recandplay vid they really gained some larger fan base because about a month after that vid, youtube became swamped with 10cm vids and nate too… before when I searched for 10cm stuff when they first released that vid on recandplay, boom so little but I think it’s because they are releasing more and more and getting more gig chances too.. I love the song corona… but what do I know over here in England ._.

    I made a lackluster thread on allkpop about underground artists, non-idol artists ect… ehhhhhhh not very popular on allkPOP

  2. mardi09

    some people still do not know what k-indie is….sad, right? i was literally gonna cry when i saw that 10cm article on allkpop…they deserve that lengthy article…
    such good music~~


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