Music from Concert in The House on CD

원효로 1가 13-25 1집 - 원효로 1가 13-25
Wonhyoro 1-ga 13-25 isn’t merely the location for Concert in The House, now it is also the name of a project band with members Dong-kyu, Jin-chun, and Eun-huul that usually make up the main attraction for those events. On September 13 the project band presented its self-released and self-titled debut album, for which Hyang Music offers a few samples. Check out the album teaser here.

Of course with a long running concert series that has been filmed, most of the songs on the album can also be sampled via YouTube (please beware that vocalist and arrangement may not be the same on the album):
1. 원효로 1가 13-25 (Concert in The House 8)
3. Trust you (Concert in The House 6)
4. 오랜 친구와 함께 (Concert in The House 6)
5. 봄의 이야기 (Concert in The House 8)
6. 삼청동 카페 (Concert in The House 5)
7. You (Concert in The House 5)
8. 아마도 (Concert in The House 4)
9. 그렇게 나뉘어진 밤 (Concert in The House ?)
10. 원효로 1가 13-25 Hiphop Version (Concert in The House 8)

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