Island City album debuts assisted Delispice Kim Min Kyu

아일랜드 시티 (Island City) 1집 - Island City
Today, October 18, female fronted pop/rock act Island City released its first self-titled full length album. With a couple of EPs behind them, the first album consists of two parts with the first one having an Independent theme, and the second on the comforting theme of Cure Myself. From what I can tell no old songs have been reused, but it seems like 별이 빛나는 날 (starry day) from the God of Study soundtrack has gotten a counterpart in 별이 빛나는 밤 (starry night). Delispice‘s Kim Min Kyu (aka sweetpea) has produced album main track 다시 돌아갈 수 없어.

Esthero got some nice shots of the band earlier this month: 아일랜드 시티(Island City) 101003 춘천 플레이 그라운드

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