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지산 벨리 록 페스티벌 2010 (지산 록 페스티벌 프로그램북 증정)
Thanks to Shawn Despres I found out that Widhi‘s Jisan Valley Rock festival report is available in a different version on Smashing Mag: Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2010 @ Jisan Forest Ski Resort, Icheon City (Jul. 30th – Aug. 1st, 2010)

With Fluxus act Bye Bye Sea showing up in both Playful Kiss and I Am Legend, allkpop once again provides a brief introduction to the band: Who is Bye Bye Sea?

Recently allkpop also provided an update on the whereabouts of former Aquibird vocalist Lady Jane: Lady Jane to rise as an MC

루즈 미스티 (Loose Misty) - Rescure
Modern rock act Loose Misty were fairly successful on Bugs indie music chart with their song Free Star in the very beginning of this year. July 27 the quartet released its first digital single, Rescue, featuring three new titles: Rescue, Haydn, and Scarecrow.

Mardi has compiled a brief band profile with twitter links over at Luminosity: [Profile] Loose Misty

나루 (Naru) 2집 - Yet
As planned Naru finally released his second full length album, Yet, on June 29. The title track got a music video with clips from French movie Le Refuge, whereas June Song has been used in the Korean promotion of Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock. There is also an official music video for 키, the first track from the album to be promoted.

A little while ago wassereis translated an interview where Naru answered questions on both himself and the new album: naru Interview

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