Upcoming Happy Robot releases

세랭게티의 밤의 열차칵스 - ENTER
The Happy Robot blog was updated today with news on some upcoming releases:

– A digital single related to Serengeti‘s radio style broadcast Night Train of Serengeti will be released on May 28 (thanks for correction, wassereis!). In addition to a new song from the afro soul funk trio it also involves what may be a collaboration between EZ Hyoung and Daybreak (Aura) as well as No Reply‘s 시야 in a remix made by The Koxx keyboardist Shaun

New Happy Robot signees and occasional Daft Punk cover band The Koxx are scheduled to release their first mini album, Enter, on June 16.

– It looks like Naru‘s second full length album, Yet, might get a release in June too.

도시여행자And while not mentioned in the blog post, a visit to the Happy Robot website reveals that EZ Hyoung has recorded a single as a soundtrack for a book about travels in Japan (?) called 도시여행자. The book has been out since late March, but EZ Hyoung’s book soundtrack promotion appears to be part of a campaign that started a week ago and continues till mid-June. I have yet to figure out whether it’s possible to get a hold of the CD in question without winning it as a price in the currently ongoing competition.

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  1. wassereis

    Serengeti’s Night Train is a kind of Radio broadcast drummer Jang Dong Jin started. He started it as a project (the first broadcast was liek 15 minutes) but it got popular under fans and Jang Dong Jin is doing it now quite well with guests and such. and in the last broadcast this song “It’s You” (tile may change) has been played. never got to listen to that episode yet though ㅠㅠ
    but you can listen to it at the serengeti homepage.

    still waiting for Naru :I


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