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A collection of recent links that may be of interest:

지산 벨리 록 페스티벌 2010 (지산 록 페스티벌 프로그램북 증정)
Yuns of Korean blog Melody Design has written a bit on Jisan Valley and got it translated to English: Fantastic Finale to Jisan Valley Rock Festival. More on the festival in question was posted here two days ago.

나는 전설이다 OST Part.1
Violet Sweets reports that ByeBye Sea are featured in new SBS drama I Am Legend (나는 전설이다): Bye Bye Sea takes a fictional 5th member and goes Drama.

The first part of the soundtrack for this drama, where four ajummas form the Comeback Madonna Band, was released yesterday August 3.

데이브레이크 (Daybreak) 2집 - Aurora
Funk rock band Daybreak will release its second full length album, Aurora, tomorrow August 5. Visit the Happy Robot blog to check out the promo vid from a number of sources: 데이브레이크 2집 aurora 전곡 미리듣기 (무한스크랩 언제나 환영이예요).

The Patience (패이션스) - Demo 2006코인 록커 보이즈 (The Coin Rocker Boys) 1집 - Insert Coin
Chris Park has reviewed a couple of punk releases:
The Coin Rocker Boys – Insert Coin Review
더 페이션스 (The Patience) – Demo 2006 Review

Melodic punk band The Coin Rocker Boys followed their 2007 demo with first full length album Insert Coin on June 10.

시와 (Siwa) 1집 - 소요 (逍遙)줄리아 하트 (Julia Hart) 1집 - 가벼운 숨결
refresh_daemon has reviewed the first full length albums from Siwa and Julia Hart:
Inbox: 시와 – 소요 逍遙
Inbox: Julia Hart – 가벼운 숨결

Sarangingayo offers a Portugese translation of 10’s recent interview with 10cm: [ENTREVISTA] A banda de indie 10cm fala da sua trajetória

And for some legendary Korean rock, Extra! Korea points to a JoongAng Daily interview with Shin Joong Hyun: Korea’s godfather of rock still going strong

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