Jaejoo Boys’ new album road movie

재주소년<br data-recalc-dims=4집 – 유년에게”id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5513169856406346722″ />재주소년 - 손잡고 허밍
As scheduled, modern folk duo Jaejoo Boys released a new full length album on August 18. The title is 유년에게 and in addition to a bunch of new songs, it includes an album version of 손잡고 허밍, which was released as a digital single on April 15. 손잡고 허밍 features Yozoh and was used in the Korean promotion of Japanese movie Halfway (ハルフウェイ).

A couple of weeks ago, the boys set up an official YouTube channel where they’ve been posting their self-documentary road movie 봄의 사진. I found out thanks to Brazilian blog sarangingayo, that has featured posts on all episodes so far: 12345

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