New light jazzy electronica music

A number of jazz/bossa/light electronica stylereleases were brought to my attention this weekend.

Be My Guest (비 마이 게스트) - The First TemptationTonight (투나잇) - Nice To Meet You
Over at Luminosity, Mardi shared some info on “acid pop band” Be My Guest, that debuted with single The First Temptation on August 6: [Profile] Be My Guest

She also reported that a project group from students at Hanseo University, Tonight, released a mini album called Nice To Meet You on September 10. More information on the project group and what can be expected from the members in the future: Project group Tonight releases first single~

Project The Hello! (더 헬로우) - If You Love Me
Although Janet has discontinued her videophile series for Indieful ROK due to personal reasons, she still keeps an eye on new videos and recommends If You Love Me from The Hello. The Hello is a project from former Rumble Fish guitarist Kim Sung Keun and the first digital single was released on September 10. The video is for the bossa version, but the single also comes with a rock version of the title track as well as instrumental versions for both.

윈터플레이 (Winterplay) - Touche Mon Amour어반 코너 (Urban Corner) - 1st Maxi Single From 'the City Of Brokenheart'
As mentioned earlier, jazz pop act Winterplay is currently in the middle of releasing albums internationally. However Korea has yet to be forgotten as the quartet is scheduled to release new album Touché Mon Amour on September 14.

Come September 15, acid pop & jazz trio Urban Corner will release its first single, 1st Maxi Single From ‘the City Of Brokenheart’. A music video promoting 지우고 버려도 has already been launched. The guitarist in the bunch, Raze, is also the guitarist of rock band A.tract, also managed by MushRoom Cloud.

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