Winterplay headed for the UK

일본판 WINTERPLAY 일본판 1집 - Songs of Colored LoveWinterplay - Don't Know WhyWinterplay - サンシャイン
Thanks to Omona They Didn’t! scouting 10Asia for news I learned that jazz pop quartet Winterplay has some upcoming international releases: Winterplay releases albums in Europe and Japan.

The European release would be a UK edition of Songs of Colored Love, previously released in Japans and though the date was set to August 23 it seems like it’ll actually be September 13. The article mentions that as part of the promotion, Winterplay will perform at this year’s The Mayor’s Thames Festival in London. A release of the same album in Thailand is currently scheduled for August 30.

Also from the article, Winterplay released a single called Don’t Know Why in Japan on August 25. The song in question is a Norah Jones cover and the recording appears to only be available via iTunes Japan. In much belated related news, Winterplay put out a full length album called Sunshines in Japan on February 10.

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