PEACE, the music atlas project by Buffetlibre & Amnesty International
I hope you haven’t forgotten about Amnesty International and Buffetlibre‘s “music atlas project” PEACE – more than 180 exclusive songs have been recorded by artists from over 50 countries for it, including total art act EE that participated with a song called Talk To Them.

If you have yet to donate and gain access to all those songs (almost 13 hours worth of music!), please consider doing so as it’ll only be available another week till July 12. To give you another taste of it, here are five bonus tracks:
Air France feat Jack Wison – Collapsing At Your Doorstep (new version)
Chinese Christmas Cards – Dreams
Mendetz – Freed From Desire
Sally Shapiro – Hello Goodbye (Beatles cover!)
The Hidden Cameras – The Mild Mannered Army

Personally I’d recommend checking out Chinese Christmas Cards if you’re not already familiar with the Spanish duo. And if you didn’t already grab the songs from the previous PEACE post, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that Plushgun has since become a favorite of mine, and that song – Mixtapes – in particular has gotten a whole lot of repeated play from my side.

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