Indieful ROK Music Chart week 26

I’m always happy to see the members of Indieful ROK’s listener group finding new things to listen to: Indieful ROK TOP10 artist chart for last week does not only see the newcomers from last time climb a bit but it also introduces a new name that hasn’t been around that long. Songs linked below correspond to the song most listened to among all users from each artist.

Indieful ROK TOP10 – week 26, 2010
1. Nell (-) [Stay MV]
2. Casker (-) [Cross The Roads (no link)]
3. Humming Urban Stereo (re) [Banana Shake MV]
4. Guckkasten (+3) [거울 MV]
5. Han Hee Jung (+1) [끈 YT audio]
6. Neons (new) [별의 노래 YT audio]
7. W&Whale (re) [R.P.G. Shine MV]
8. MOT (re) [Electric YT audio with English translation]
9. Drunken Tiger (re) [One Summer Night MV]
10. Taru (re) [Daydream YT audio]

Don’t feel like the chart reflects your taste in music well enough? Join Indieful ROK’s group and maybe next week it’ll look a little better!

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