Frenzy finally album debuts!

프렌지 (Frenzy) - Nein Songs
Long at last, fuzzy rock band Frenzy will album debut tomorrow, July 7. The album is called Nein Songs and gathers 9 tracks in total. Those already familiar with Frenzy will likely also recognize many of the songs: Apollo 11 was previously released on the 3rd Live Club Bbang compilation and others have been shared on MySpace previously.

MySpace is where to head if you want to sample the album in question – it currently offers every song on the album and it’s recommended listening for anyone into shoegaze/post-rock style music. Indieful ROK’s mini interview with the band from last year remains one of my favorites, so if you need to refresh your memory concerning these “elegantly pathetic” fellows I’d suggest giving it a read.

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