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Much thanks to Widhi, there have been a lot of posts on female fronted alternative pop/rock band Dear Cloud showing up in my feed reader recently.

Dear Cloud EP
For instance earlier today Widhi shared the news that Dear Cloud have announced that they will release a new EP on August 5. I’m sure this will make many people rejoice, seeing as both of their full length albums are out of print. Her post contains a fair amount of videos for songs that ought to be listed on the tracklist once made official so do check it out: [Wiz News] Dear Cloud’s EP release date, confirmed!

허밍 앤 드로잉 [백승아 | 나인 (지은이) | 소모(SOMO)]나인 - 허밍 앤 드로잉 Book O.S.T
Further, it was thanks to Widhi I found out that Dear Cloud vocalist Nine9 wrote a book that was published in May: [Book] Humming & Drawing (허밍 앤 드로잉). The book was followed by a two track digital soundtrack on June 9 and Widhi reviewed the title track and video: [Widz Track] 끝의 시작 (Beginning of an End) – Humming & Drawing OST. And she also translated the lyrics to that song: [Translation] 끝의 시작 (Beginning of an End) – 나인 (Nine9).

Widhi has also written a bunch of live reports recollecting evenings when she caught her favorite band in action:
[Wiz Gigs] The Bridge, 2nd Episode: Traveler
[Wiz Gigs] Dear Cloud at 110th The Club Day
[Wiz Gigs] Joint Performance: Bye Bye Sea & Dear Cloud at Club Ta (打)

The latter event was also attended by esteemed photographer Esthero: 안녕바다 100717 @클럽타(打); 디어 클라우드(Dear Cloud) 100717 @클럽타(打).

For something even more recent in the live section, visit Luminosity where there are a few live clips from last Thursday: [100722] Dear Cloud @ TBS Rock Festival

And finally, for something older the subteam connected to the Korean music/culture oriented Brazilian site sarangingayo has added Portugese subtitles to the music video for Dear Cloud first album main track 얼음요새: ♥ [S2SUBTEAM] Dear Cloud – Ice Fortress (Legendado)

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