Videophile: April 16-30, 2010

Really great batch of videos to finish April up. :D
I think it’s one of my favorites yet! (Hope you will feel the same ;; )
To play the playlist just hit play and navigate back and forth using the arrows on the sides of the box.
Happy voyeur-ing. ^^

In order of appearance:

Maroo -첫 키스 하던 날 [stop motion MV]
This song is on their third album, Remember.

Vanila City – I’ll Be On Your Side [MV]
This song is on their second album, 하늘을 품은 소년.

Fanny Fink – 권태 그 앞에선 우리 [MV]
Love Fanny Fink. ^^ This song is on their second album, 7 Moments.

Standing Egg – La La La [MV]
Jazzy and cute, this song is released as a single along with two other songs.

Transfixion – Shouts of the Reds [football propaganda]
This song is on an album featuring various artists titled Shouts of the Reds.

Epik High on CNN: Talk Asia. Interview part 1, part 2, and part 3.
Learn more about the Stanford-educated Tablo, and those other two guys. :p

Glittering Blackness, Fall – 2[MV]
Brought to my attention in tweet by Anna, this song is on their Untitled EP.
A wonderfully trippy music video, liked it very much!

Jaejoo Boys feat. Yozoh – 손잡고 허밍 [PV]
The video features the Japanese film released in 2009, Halfway.

LIFE is a compilation album released by Mintpaper. This is their third compilation album.
Courtesy of wassereis, this sampler was posted online. [sampler]

Grs feat. JD – Sweet [MV]
The ballad genre with some R&B in sound.
This song is on a 6 track (3 original, 3 instrumental) song single by Grs titled 사랑하고 있나요?

Coconut – Hello [MV]
Another light-hearted ballad.
This song is on the 2 track single by Coconut, Hello.

Melancholy Studio – 멜랑콜리 스튜디오 [live perf.]
A quirky performance~the lead singer has the hairstyle I had 3 years ago. -u-

Biuret talking about One Movement, a music event that takes place in Australia [talking]

Bobby Kim – 남자답게 [MV]
The song has a Spanish feel and the video I think could have been better, but the song is still nice. Anyway, the last MV I saw of Bobby Kim was in ’06, so it’s nice to see him back! This song is on his 3rd album Heart and Soul.

Kim Yoon Ah (of Jaurim) –Going Home [MV]
Another legendary vocalist, and the video here is actually really lovely to watch. Altogether beautiful, don’t miss it. This song is on her 3rd solo album, Going Home.

Bard – Bird Song [live perf]
This Irish-influenced band (a project band of 2nd Moon) plays the hauntingly gorgeous Celtic melody of ‘Bird Song’. If you like Celtic music at all, this song will kick your ass.

Phonebooth – Starlight [MV]
This song is on their second album, By Me For Me Of Me.

Tie – By the Moon (Romeo and Juliet) [MV]
A very pretty song. From his two track single of the same name.

DaishiDance playing live at Heaven club in Seoul. [live perf]

Banana Bau – 빠까 꾸[MV]
I came across these guys while hopping around the internet, ended up kind of liking their stuff, so they made the playlist. They are alot of fun.^^ This song is on their first album, 바우씨의 일상.

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