A brief update from Korea

The 108th Club Day
In case anybody’s wondering why the blog is so silent all of a sudden (save for Janet’s Videophile post yesterday, that is), it’s because I’ve made it back to Korea. Although I was supposed to be here last week already, this was kind of a last minute thing and I haven’t really had any Internet access until yesterday evening. Anyway, so far all has been fantastic – as usual – and I just posted my first live report on Facebook: Tearliner @ Live Club SSam (30/4/2010).

Would you rather I just posted those things here one the actual blog? I haven’t done that so far since Indieful ROK is supposed to be more about news and linking places with the occasional interview or other special feature, but if you want that to change feel free to let me know.

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  1. placidian

    I don’t want you to do extra work, but if there’s a way to automatically send your facebook posts to this blog, there would be much rejoicing. :) p.s. keep having fun in Korea, and I hope you took many pictures (surreptitiously) while at Pastel. :D


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