Book soundtrack from Pastel Music

천일의 몽상
Once again I’ve fallen behind in the release updates. No time to summarize April just yet, but at the very beginning of the month – April 1 – Pastel Music released what seems like an interesting soundtrack, going by the name of 천일의 몽상, for a couple of books. The soundtrack has been compiled by the author of the books, Lee Dong Jin, and primarily contains songs from licensed Pastel artists, but a few Korean artists have been featured as well: Han Hee Jung (휴가가 필요해), The Melody (Love Box), Jaejoo Boys (눈 오던 날), Zitten (곁에), Tearliner (Be A God), Sweetpea (침묵), and Lee Jang Hyuk (아우슈비츠 오케스트라).

The books are called 길에서 어렴풋이 꿈을 꾸다 and 필름 속을 걷다, and if I get the info right they’re the result of Lee Dong Jin’s visits to places all over the world where movies have been shot. To see which song goes with which book and movie I’d suggest a visit to Hyang Music.

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