Neons and Oyster Boys with Playgirl

네온스 (Neons) - A-809
Apart from being featured on the successful Life compilation, Neons also released his first EP as recently as April 27. The title is a-809 and in addition to 별의 노래 – first featured on the Triple soundtrack from last year – it holds six more laid back electronica tunes. Check out the 첫눈에 반한다는 그런 말을 나는 믿어 music video for a sample.

All produced by Dalparan, Neons – who might still be better known as Mongu of Mongoose – also included a few friends in the making. His girlfriend Miyeol is featured on the track called Baby Swing, since according to Mongu she has the most beautiful voice. Further, Mongoose drummer Ringoo has written 눈물의 루비, which in addition to Ringoo himself also features Sora of Playgirl.

굴소년단 - 悠悠自適 Energy
Another EP featuring Playgirl came out on May 6. The EP in question is 悠悠自適 Energy from Oyster Boys and the song where Playgirl can be heard in the chorus is called 참치. Other female voices supporting in other choruses are Look & Listen for main track 이유없이, and City.M‘s Hwang Jin Young and Plastic People‘s Ju Mi Yoon on 미소 짓는 사람.

참치 and 이유없이 can both be sampled from MySpace. For more sounds and a look behind the scenes during recording (and a glimpse of the Electric Muse studio cats) I’d recommend checking out some oysterTV episodes.

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