Bugs Indie Music Chart week 19

Let’s have a look at last week’s Bugs’ Indie music chart before moving on to the most recent one:

Bugs Indie TOP10 – May 13, 2010
1. Daybreak – 팝콘 [live]
2. Tacopy – 치고달려라 2010 (feat. Invincible Baseball Team) [@ Rockin’ Korea]
3. Galaxy Express – 진짜 너를 원해 [MV]
4. Lazybone – 우린 모두 챔피언 (feat. 한빛 빛소리 중창단) [MV]
5. Oyster Boys – 이유없이 [Hyang]
6. 10cmGood Night [@ Veloso]
7. 10cm – 오늘 밤은 어둠이 무서워요 [recandplay]
8. 조우람 – 나는 너를 꿈꾼다
9. Hapoom – 어디로 갈까 [@ Afternoon Stage]
10. Han Hee Jung – 오늘은 휴일입니다

The new additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
43. StorysellerSuper Girl [MV]
55. Oyster Boys – 세미스타
63. Oyster Boys – 니가 뭔데
81. Tobacco JuiceI Am A Boy, You Are A Girl [@ SangSang Madang]
88. Galaxy Express – 난 아무것도 아닌데 [@ SSam]
91. Galaxy Express – 지 나고 나면 언제나 좋았어 [@ SSam]

See the full top 100 list here.

타카피 (Tacopy) - 치고달려라 2010In 2008, pop punk band Tacopy recorded a song called 치고 달려라 for KBS N Sports 2008 Pro Baseball. Two years has passed, and a 2010 version of the song has been recorded for KBS 2TV baseball variety show Invincible Baseball Team (천하무적야구단). It was released as a digital single on May 7, also including an instrumental version, the 2008 version, and a 2009 version featuring G-Idea.

레이지본 (Lazybone) 4.7집- 우린 모두 챔피언Not quite ready to release a full length album yet, Lazybone returned with release no. 4.7 on May 6. It’s a digital single with only the song 우린 모두 챔피언, which features a children’s choir previously seen on some Superstar show. The song itself is a fairly pompous creation where Lazybone’s old ska-punk sound sees some revival.

조우람 - 고양이와 선인장 Episode 1 (Part.1)Singer/songwriter 조우람 released his first digital single, 고양이와 선인장 Episode 1 (Part.1) on May 6. Working a guitar and keyboard, the single contains song 나는 너를 꿈꾼다 and a piano theme version of the same.

스토리셀러 (Storyseller) - Super GirlsAll female rock band Storyseller is back with a mini album! Called Super Girls, the CD has been out since May 11 and judging from the corresponding music video their production budget has increased a lot since the making of My Dear two years ago. This time two of the songs, Super Girl and Aio, have also been recorded in English.

타바코쥬스 2집 - 설레발 [예약판매]Fun indie rock band Tobacco Juice has returned with their second full length album, 설레발. The CD came out today, May 20, but the mp3s have been sold since May 12. Offering 10 new songs, the one called 청춘 features Dalmoon.

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  1. refresh_daemon

    I have to say that I’m kind of digging the Storyseller sound, even if the band name is a little… unappealing to native English ears. I liked them as Bloody Cookie too, but the new sound is a lot more radio-friendly and still largely rocks.


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