What to expect on the full Triple OST

Liner has posted what appears to be the tracklist for the upcoming Triple OST on his blog. In addition to three of the songs from the already released digital single OST (the neons song has been excluded) as expected, there are several songs from Tearliner – including another song featuring Yeongene called We Quit Us – and Zitten as well as another couple of songs from neons, a Low-end project track called 사랑은 지고 달빛은 빛나고, and a Taru track called 초콜릿.

Also, it turns out that 서브 – or SUB – from the digital single is actually the vocalist and guitarist of Starry-Eyed, and so I’m assuming that 몬구 is Mongu – bassist of the same band. Both of them also have a number of songs on Liner’s list.

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  1. Anonymous

    whoa. sub and starry-eyed? i listened to their second album and i didn’t really like it but the vocals sound different in sub. do you know if this is an actually established group? like do they have a single or album? can’t find anything. :(

  2. helikoppter

    As far as I’m aware SUB is just 김원섭 of Starry-Eyed. Don’t really know what else he’s done but I’ll try to look into it next week ^^ (provided that my 3G broadband provider has coverage where I’m going for vacation, that is…)


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