Mini interview with Vidulgi OoyoO

비둘기 우유 (Vidulgi Ooyoo)
After fairly recently turning into a fan of the outstanding shoegaze act Vidulgi OoyoO, I had really been looking forward to catching them live again during Lotus Carnival this weekend. As it happens the volcanic ash cloud over Europe has kept me from getting over to Korea in time for the event, but thanks to Electric Muse‘s Kim Mingyu I could at least learn a little more on the band as guitarist Jong answered some questions for Indieful ROK:

What is Vidulgi OoyoO?
Vidulgi OoyoO means pigeon’s milk in English. It sounds weird, but I had felt very psychedelic to hear that mama pigeon feeds her baby on her own milk – vomited from her throat-several years ago.

How would you like to describe your music?
The music that is seen by ears??

What can you say about your songs on the new release? How did you end up making a split album with
We just wanted to try to apply our own textures to various spectrums like psychedelic blues, electronica, post-rock and so on.

We had recorded and mixed down for 6 months and then Bliss had finished up all the works. And we had mastered all of new songs for the split CD in Korea.

I’ve heard that the split album will get released in the US and EU – how did that become possible and do you have any plans to go there yourselves as well?
Since Bliss City East suggested a split release at first, Vidulgi undertook a release in Korea and Bliss in U.S and E.U as well.

And Bliss is supposed to come to play in Korea in September and we plan to go play to Chicago as well.

Congratulations, Chicago! Anybody living there should not miss the chance to catch this fantastic live band in action. I’m hoping the international distribution of this split album will eventually lead to Vidulgi OoyoO also playing in other parts of the world…

As you may recall the split album has already been mentioned here on the blog a couple of times: downloads available here, and my appreciation for the marvelous Goodnight Shining expressed here. Expect more to show up world wide in a few weeks!

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