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비둘기 우유 (Vidulgi Ooyoo) & Bliss.City.East - Bliss City East 그리고 Vidulgi Ooyoo
Today is April 7, and that means that the Vidulgi OoyoO / split album Bliss City East 그리고 Vidulgi OoyoO is out! Thanks to the lovely Electric Muse I’ve had a chance to listen through it all a number of times and can say that if you’re up for some new shoegazer stuff it’s something I’d be happy recommend it.

Although familiar with their name, I hadn’t listened to Chicago’s before – turns out they have a nice sound that with the female vocals fit really well side by side with Vidulgi OoyoO. However, Vidulgi OoyoO has no doubt recorded their best material yet. To be honest I wasn’t that impressed with their debut album, Aero – although fairly enjoyable I’ve definitely heard better in the genre. During their performance before DMST they managed to convince me that they’re fully capable of sheer awesomeness, yet Aero still didn’t sound all that fantastic to me.

Fortunately Vidulgi OoyoO have now managed to bring that awesomeness put on display live into the studio, and I dare say that their Goodnight Shining is one of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year. You can hear it for yourself over at MySpace, where another new song, Mosquito Incognito, too can be sampled. If you’re also curious to hear’s contributions, they have both Stop Clock and Winter Lights streaming from their MySpace.

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