Bugs Indie Music Chart w13

Got a busy busy Easter holiday here, but after realizing that I had already made posts on all the new additions to the indie top 100 at Bugs I figured I could also find time for an update:

Bugs Indie TOP10 – April 1, 2010
1. Julia Hart – 하얀 마법 속삭임 [Hyang]
2. Misty Blue – 기억은 겨울보다 차갑다
3. The RocktigersCry Baby [MySpace]
4. FinYES [MV]
5. GoldrushMy History
6. Broccoli, you too? – 유자차 [@ Bbang]
7. Sorri – 그럼 그렇지 [MV]
8. Siberian Husky – 안녕, 레옹 [MV]
9. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ MBC nanjang]
10. cheezstereo – 화성 로맨스 [MV]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
17. Julia Hart – Favorite
18. Julia Hart – 나의 목소리

See the full top 100 list here.

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