Videophile: February 16-28, 2010

Yay! The second post, and many great MVs to share!
Videos older than this month will have a * next to them.
To play the full playlist, simply hit play, and navigate back and forth using the arrows on the sides of the box.

In order of appearance:

Loveholic – 정원 [MV]*
The Fluxus channel did an upload of old Loveholic vids and 정원 (Garden) was among one of the few I had not seen before. This was from their special album, Re-Wind.

Peppertones- Ping-Pong [MV]
Thanks to Anna’s tweet, I came across this delightful video. ^^
This song is on their 3rd album, Sounds Good! Released a little earlier this year is겨울의 사업가 [MV]* from the same album.

Drunken Tiger – Superfine(비켜가) [MV]
This song is on his double-album vol.8 Feel Ghood Muzik-The 8th Wonder. His channel also re-released a single from 2006, One Summer Night [MV]* feat. Gemini. You may feel that the lyrics “It’s a jungle sometimes” has a ring of familiarity. It’s a throwback to Notorious B.I.G who used it as a throwback to Grandmaster Flash.

To My Last Breath – Beauty of the Faceless [live perf.]*
As they had an interview with IROK earlier, I thought it would be fitting to include this video which features a strange moshing ritual carried out by the youngsters in the crowd.  I apologize for the audio.

Apollo18 – Manic Depressive [live perf.]
This is from the show played alongside National Pigeon Unity, which was attended by our very own Anna!
You can view the full show on fishinNeverland’s channel. Bellydancer Eshe also performed with them for their song Orbis [live perf.].
Both songs are from The Blue Album.

GoGo Star – 성난 인형극[MV]
This song was released as a single.

Oh So Young – Soulmate [live perf.]*
From a performance in January. Music begins at 1:15.  This song from her second album, a Tempo.

Winterplay feat. Nikki Yanofsky – Lullaby of Birdland [live perf.]
A soulful collaboration between Winterplay’s Haewon and 16 year old Canadian jazz-pop singer Nikki Yanofsky. In promotion for their album Sunshines released earlier this month, they also did an interview [with Fluxus].

Lucite Tokki – 두 얼굴의 토끼 [MV]
Also released this month was Little Little Sparkles [MV] from their 2nd album A Little Sparkle.

 Analog Forest -답답 [MV]
This darling song was released along with two other songs on the single Delight in…

Mono Diary –  추억이라 부르는 이름의 노래 [MV]
From their EP of the same name.

Mate – Dear My Mate [MV]
This suprisingly soulful number is on their new mini-album 위드 메이트.

Hey – Gravity [MV]
This song is on the album Vegetable Love. I also included Je T’aime [MV]* which is from her first album 널 사랑하나봐 너무나 행복해 언제나 투명하게 나만 사랑해줘.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Thanks and credits to: Anna, Fluxus, sayoxx, koreanpride2, himolloy and all other uploaders.

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