Mini-Interview with To My Last Breath

Keonwook (To My Last Breath)
Music is important to me for a number of reasons – one of them being that I can use it to manipulate my mood. This is particularly useful when frustration strikes at work, which is why nowadays I always have my copy of To My Last Breath‘s first EP, It Will Be Buried On Calmness, in one of the drawers by my desk. This EP, however, is so good I’ve ended up playing it on repeat even on days when I’m already in a perfectly sunny mood. Upon learning that a new release was in the works I sent off some questions to Kyu at Townhall Records that forwarded them to TMLB vocalist Keonwook to get answers:

How would you like to introduce To My Last Breath?
I can introduce we play Death Metal or Deathcore.
but i wish we were just metal band. haha can we do it?

I hear you’ve gone through a pretty big change of members. What happened?
Jun ex-guitarist was unjoined. so we have one guitarist now.
and Min-kyu the new bassist who looks like Amon Chow [Chow Yun-Fat] joined us.
and we are still looking for some people to play the guitar and drum with us.
but i think the new drummer will join us soon.

Your music sounds quite aggressive but is still a great listen. How would you explain it?
Well.. We used to play the guitar solo on EP album.
Our new songs are more down tuned and vocal line is more tight.
and i want various riffs more than before.

What can you share about your upcoming album?
it is more powerful, and we’ll try something.
our first debut album is on this summer.
Check our new song on my space

Looking forward to hear more of what’s happened with the sound for the new album!

To My Last Breath - It Will Be Buried On CalmnessBack to It Will Be Buried On Calmness, it’s an EP heavy on the growling well supported by fast drumming (provided by Hoonee from Things We Say) and aggressive guitar play. I won’t pretend to be much of a connoisseur when it comes to this kind of music, but from what limited exposure I’ve had to it in the past judging from this EP I must say TMLB stands out as particularly enjoyable. The melody has got enough hooks to keep it interesting all the way through and – most importantly – when necessary with every song (at least for me) the mood improves for the better. Courtesy of Townhall Records & To My Last Breath, exclusively for Indieful ROK you can download an listen to one of my favorite songs: [The Cleansing]

Another thing I like about this EP – really, really like – is the outro, Humiliating Baptism. No longer aggressive, a guitar is picked in minor while a dialogue in English I cannot help but find extremely amusing plays out. It’s a continuation of EP intro The End of Despair, and as the title implies it’s basically a baptism gone bad The part that has me smiling every time is when the devil character responds “Yes I do” because of the way he says it. I can’t really explain it better, but since the band and Kyu are all great guys here’s a chance to hear it yourself, if you haven’t already: Download Humiliating Baptism!

Oh, and if you happen to be in Busan, it seems you can catch To My Last Breath in all their glory live during the Extreme Music Fest tomorrow, February 20.

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